by Thomas Albrecht


Authentie life

Where endless couture applies, no mechanical procedures are required; only genuine craftsmanship transforms home accessories to character pieces.

True style is no coincidence. Selected furs from the worlds best eca friendly breeding farms require perfect cauture. We handcraft every single piece and guarantee unique calors. That's what makes living at horne special.

Thomas Albrecht Design

Modern classics

A phenomenon that becomes the status symbol of eternal lifestyle and will fascinate new generations.

Thomas Albrecht was awarded with six gold medals for his excellent fur creations with which he set new international standards. With a hint of anarchy fantasy becomes fur, high quality eco friendly faux furs become timeless masterpieces - because a touch of drama makes life exciting.

TAFF by Thomas Albrecht

Creative change

It is an artistic innovation when interior objects become style magnets.

Great interior design captivates the look, creates atmosphere and eases every day life. In special moments it becomes a new way of life, a tribute to beauty, style and elegance. Some say there is no alternative to creative manufacturing.

Thomas Albrecht Pelzmanufaktur